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Integrated Instrumental Music Online (offered online in Fall 2020)
--Combination of Instrumental Chamber Ensembles & Orchestra  - Registration closed

 Though we can't run the orchestra or the chamber music programs in person as we have in the past, we do intend to give you the opportunity to rehearse and record some great repertoire from the orchestral and chamber music repertoire in a format we are calling Integrated Online Instrumental Music, which, in the spirit of innovation for which UW is famous, will involve using a number of online platforms including Jamulus to make amazing music together.  This should be a great opportunity to try some new things and show what great musicians we have at UW. It will require some flexibility and lots of creativity from everyone, but the results will be amazing. 
This exciting program will be led by Ben Bolt-Martin and Daniel Warren.  Any joint online sessions will be held on Monday nights between 7 and 9pm.

For the orchestral component of the term we need 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horn, 2 trumpets, one percussion, and strings.

1. Please click the link and watch the video explaining the plan.
2.  Sign up using the Integrated Online Instrumental Music Participant Form  Registration closed
3.. As an audition, please prepare and upload to youtube a 3-5 minute video clip (straight through - no editing) of two contrasting pieces and send the link to Angelica Allen in the music office. Phone videos are fine, just make sure to send the link to the music office!  Please note, if you have performed in the orchestra or ICE in previous terms, you do not need to re-audition.
The deadline for this is September 15th, one week after classes start.
4. Register on Quest.  Please note there is now a MUSIC 416 and 417 available.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Angelica Allen  (Music Ensemble Coordinator)

Jazz Ensemble (offered online in Fall 2020)  Registration closed

Jazz Ensemble at Grebel/UW will be offered online in Fall 2020, led by Michael Wood.  The course syllabus will feature three pieces of music with varying styles, time meters and tempos, enabling students a platform to explore the music and discover why they have been drawn to it.  Weekly tutorials will be presented with links of performances to provide increasing awareness of the players and composers who have contributed to this art form. 

1. Fill out the Jazz Ensemble Participant Form  (Note: Registration is closed)
2.  Register on Quest.  Please note there is now a MUSIC 416 and 417 available.
3.  Fill out Michael Wood's questionnaire.
4.  Submit a sound bite (either audio or video) 3 to 5 minutes long to the director Michael Wood of you playing your instrument. This will give him a sense of where you are at musically i.e. coming from a classical background, small combos, musical theatre, or perhaps performance in your high school jazz band. Deadline is September 11.
 5. If you are accepted into the Jazz Ensemble, we strongly recommend that you purchase a subscription to Smart Music - which will support independent practice and development.  It is like having a teacher available every day. The subscription is good for 1 year, so you can use if for Winter 2021 as well.

Class expectations: There will be a  weekly Team meeting starting September 14 with the ensemble to run through the tutorial (email) which will be sent out Mondays at 1pm.  The Team meetings would be at 7:30pm and run for about 40 minutes.  During that week the student will research the data, practise the repertoire and audit the sound bite links.  In lieu of our usual concert students will be expected to play for the instructor, and do a presentation TBD.


A Virtual Exploration of Gamelan Music (offered online in Fall 2020)

Balinese gamelan are ensembles of primarily percussive instruments made of bronze and bamboo that may include drums, flutes, strings, and voice. Grebel offers an opportunity for students to play in two ensembles: gamelan semara dana or gamelan gender wayang (details below). An oral tradition taught and learned collectively, repertoire is transmitted in a group setting without the use of sheet music.
Directed by Balinese artist I Dewa Made Suparta, students experience a communal process of creating music while also learning about the culture of Bali. No previous experience with gamelan or notation is necessary.  See a brief interview with I Dewa Made Suparta explaining the Gamelan.

In this remote course you are exposed to the aesthetics of gamelan music through pre-recorded lessons, weekly live-stream workshops, and curated performances. Like the in-person ensemble, and in keeping with the oral process of teaching and learning in Bali, emphasis is placed on listening, memorization, and embodiment through repetition, imitation, and consistent practice. Unique to this virtual exploration is the opportunity to use any instrument (including voice, re-purposed objects) and learn multiple parts of a gamelan piece.

1.  Fill out the Fall 2020 Gamelan Ensemble Participant form   In early September, an email with a Zoom link, date, and time will be sent to you. Please bring your instrument(s) and have them ready.

2.  Sign up on Quest if you are taking the course for credit.  Please note that MUSIC 416 and 417 have been added to the Ensemble Course lists.

3.  Joint sessions will be held online on Thursdays from 4 to 5pm, so please make sure you are available at that time.


a. Balinese Chamber Gamelan: Gender Wayang

b. Sectional, semi-private, or private instruction

c. Community Gamelan - tba

Previous UW Balinese Gamelan Ensemble performances:

Instrumental Chamber Ensemble (in-person only, so not offered Fall 2020)  
 see Integrated Instrumental Music Online above

Instrumentalists will be placed in small groups of approximately 3 - 8 players based on compatible abilities. These musicians perform a wide variety of classical music from all time periods.

orchestra@uwaterloo  (in-person only, so not offered Fall 2020)
 see Integrated Instrumental Music Online above

Orchestra@uwaterloo is a university-wide orchestra open to students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the University of Waterloo. The orchestra's Music Director is Daniel Warren.  

Orchestra webpage