Stephanie Collings

Stephanie at pianoJoint Honours Music and Arts & Business, 2020

Music has been an important part of Stephanie Collings’ life for as long as she can remember. As a child, she was quite shy, and preferred activities where she was not a part of a group or team. Piano lessons were the perfect solution. They were a place where Stephanie could be herself and pour her thoughts and feelings into the music she played. “For me, music means connecting with myself on a deeper level,” Stephanie explained. “It has allowed me to convey my emotions when I’m unable to through words which has been really special. It’s where I feel at peace and where I feel the most confident in myself.”

At the beginning of her undergraduate degree, Stephanie was originally in a field of study that didn’t feel right. With the absence of music, she realized just how much piano meant to her, and she also wanted to pursue her other interest in business. After reading about the University of Waterloo’s co-op program and learning that an Arts & Business Major offered her everything she desired, Stephanie decided to switch into a joint Honours Music and Arts and Business Co-op degree. “I really enjoyed having that nice balance of being able to express my creativity through the music, while also applying my critical thinking and problem solving abilities through Business.”

Currently, Stephanie is working as a digital operations coordinator for a tech company. The position allows Stephanie to use the skills that she developed from the business side of her degree, but in the future she welcomes the idea of potentially focusing on a music-related career. She is very interested in the music industry and is excited to explore the broad range of opportunities available to her. Outside of her job, Stephanie has been working with music producers in an electronic music space, as well as creating some of her own music.

Stephanie lived at Conrad Grebel University College for all four years of university, and those years were some of the best of her life. The connections she made, the incredible experiences, and the supportive Music Department staff all impacted her life for the better. “I made the most amazing friends and memories,” she said. “My professors were very approachable which I really appreciated, and were truly passionate about their work.”

As she moves on to the next stage in her life, Stephanie wishes to share her wisdom with current and prospective Music students. “My first piece of advice is to enjoy it!” she said. “Four years goes by extremely fast, so I would encourage anyone in Music to take advantage of the amazing opportunities available in the Music Department, whether it’s joining different ensembles, creating study groups with other students, or attending different events, concerts or workshops. My second piece of advice is to not be afraid to reach out if you need any kind of support. Everyone in the Music Department is so kind, supportive, and encouraging, and they’re all rooting for you and your success!”

Written by Jace Jaeden Ellis