Nanotechnology Engineering Work-Term Reports

Work-term reports are technical documents that are written by students and are expected to reflect work accomplished during the corresponding work terms. They serve to provide students with experience in technical writing, and to prepare them for the types of communication that they will encounter most often as professional engineers. 

Detailed information on work term reports, including deadlines and feedback process, can be found on the appropriate Learn site (NE WKRPT 200, 300 or 400).  For formatting and content requirements please refer to the Nanotechnology Work-Term Report Guidelines.

The information provided here is only for the Nanotechnology Engineering work term reports 200, 300 and 400For details on the NE 250, NE 350 and NE 450 courses refer to the appropriate Learn site or contact the Work-Term Report Coordinator.

When clearing a failed report, the due date is the second Friday of the term that you have selected to clear the failure.  Refer to section Failed Reports for more information.  Inform the AAUC and Work-Term Report Coordinator prior to the beginning of term in order to be added to the appropriate Learn site.   A hardcopy is to be submitted to the AAUC by 3:30pm on the due date and an electronic copy must be submitted on Learn.  Feedback will be provided.