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Jatin Patil wins prestigious senior leadership award

Monday, June 11, 2018

Congratulations to fourth-year Nanotechnology Engineering (NE) student Jatin Patil for his recent Roy Duxbury Award for Leadership, which was conveyed to him by the Sir Sandford Fleming Foundation.

Jatin received the Roy Duxbury Award in recognition of the outstanding leadership he has shown throughout his undergraduate academic career. He got involved on campus his first year here as Co-Team Manager for the University of Waterloo Designed Nanoscale Assembly. As the years went on, he got involved as President of the UW Materials Research Society Chapter, Project Director for the University of Waterloo Nanorobotics Group and Director of Partnerships for the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference.

His most recent involvement, as co-founder and organizer of the Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference and co-president of the Nanotechnology Engineering Student Society, continues to provide significant benefits for his fellow NE students as well as the wider nanotechnology community that includes faculty, industry representatives and students from other institutions.

Jatin’s enthusiasm for nanotechnology is contagious. Throughout his challenging academic studies and co-op terms in the US, he remained involved with the Waterloo campus, creating and strengthening opportunities for NE students to learn more about their discipline and how to leverage their education into exciting employment. His desire to enhance the professional opportunities available to NE students has inspired many others to get involved as well, contributing towards the NE program’s vibrant community of interested and passionate students.

"Leadership and initiative can only go so far without proper support,” said Jatin. “My journey has only been possible with the support of my family, friends and equally motivated students along the way. Moreover, I've learned that the University is very supportive and appreciative of student initiative – and I hope that my experiences inspire more students to get involved!"

Jatin Patil, smiling.

Jatin Patil, fourth-year Nanotechnology Engineering student and winner of the Sir Sandford Fleming Foundation’s 2018 Roy Duxbury Award for Leadership.

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