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Co-operative education

Co-operative education, run by Co-operative Education and Career Services, is a compulsory component of all engineering programs at the University of Waterloo. Students acquire twenty-four months of work experience during the five-year BASc in the Nanotechnology Engineering program according to the following schedule:

Undergraduate program schedule

Year /Term        

Fall              Winter         Spring         
Year one study study 1B Co-op
Year two  study 2A Co-op study
Year three 2B Co-op 2B Co-op study
Year four study 3B Co-op 3B Co-op
Year five study study n/a

The incremental learning provided by the alternating work and academic terms allows students to reinforce their newly acquired academic knowledge in a practical setting and to benefit in the classroom from skills acquired during work terms.

Work terms are four months in duration for junior students and eight months for intermediate and senior students. The shorter work terms are ideal for entry into the work force and for acquiring essential skills required for professional employment. The longer work terms allow for more in-depth training and focus, and provide larger employer returns on their investment. Eight month work terms have proven to be very attractive to many employers.

Finding a Job

Cooperative Education and Career Services (CECS) offers a simple and comprehensive employment process for students and employers. CECS maintains an employment pool, with employers both external and internal to the university, to which students apply via an online job search and application process known as JobMine. Details about the application process can be found at this link on the CECS Website.

Offered or looking for a Job Outside JobMine? Please see this link for detailed information about the process.