MA Student, Recreation and Leisure Studies


Brandon PludwinskiBrandon completed his undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University in Global Studies with minors in Environmental Studies and French. He spent his summers at a residential summer camp just north of Haliburton, Ontario where his love for anything outdoors, particularly canoe tripping, grew. Nothing excites him quite like eating a freshly roasted s’more over a bonfire, under a sky full of stars, with a group of good friends..

Research interests

Postcolonialism, Mobile Methodologies, Discourses of Outdoor Recreation

Brandon’s research examines on social contexts of summer camp canoe trips. His research aims to reveal the unspoken, unannounced, and often unseen practices that enable summer camp trippers to convey meanings and facilitate experiences for youth journeying through Algonquin Park. Specifically, Brandon’s research critiques how colonial power relations are normalized and circulated within the ways Settler peoples understand and conceptualize Algonquin Park. The research also aims to provide tools for enacting more socially just and aware canoe tripping experiences where trip leaders are alert to social power imbalances and willing to experiment with ways of reconciling these tensions while leading campers on canoe trips.

University of Waterloo

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