The Network for Aging Research (NAR) Advisory Committee consists of nine students, faculty and staff members at the University of Waterloo, representing five of the six faculties. There is one additional member representing the Research institute for Aging.

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Robin Duncan

  • Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Chris Perlman

  • ​Assistant Professor, School of Public Health and Health Systems

Faculty of Engineering

Jennifer Boger

  • ​Assistant Professor, Systems Design Engineering

Faculty of Mathematics​

Jesse Hoey

  • Associate Professor, Cheriton School of Computer Science

Faculty of Science​

Kelly Grindrod

  • Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy

Faculty of Arts

Kathleen Rybczynski

  • ​Associate Professor, Economics

Student Representatives

Samantha Biglieri

  • ​PhD (cand.), Planning 

Maggie MacNeil

  • PhD (cand.), Aging, Health and Wellbeing

Office of Research

Leslie Copp

Associate Director, Funding Agencies and Non-Profit Sponsors (CIHR, National Institutes of Health, and Genome Canada)