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divsim (Diversity and Similarity in Social Networks) is a Python package implementing measures of node diversity and similarity in social networks. It is especially useful for research on integrated social and belief networks, or for analyzing belief / knowledge / information / cultural homophily in social networks. The measures it implements are described in the working paper "Diversity and Similarity in Social Networks" by John McLevey, Alexander Graham, Tyler Crick, and Pierson Browne.

metaknowledge is a full-featured Python package for doing computational research on science and knowledge. It was designed and developed by John McLevey and Reid McIlroy-Young. Jillian Anderson, Tyler Crick, and Rachel Wood have also contributed and to varying degrees are involved in maintaining the package. 

nate (Network analysis with text) is a Python package for analyzing text data using methods and models from network analysis. It is designed, developed, and maintained by John McLevey. 

pdpp (Principled Data Processing, Python) is a Python package that facilitates best practices for reproducible research. It is based on the principles outlined by Patrick Ball of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group. 

tidyextractors is a Python package that makes extracting data from supported sources (e.g. email mbox files, source code log files) as painless as possible, delivering you a populated Pandas DataFrame in just a few lines of code.

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