January 2019

Pointers for picking green laser presenters

Laser pointer

A laser presenter lives in my backpack, follows me to class, and helps with seamless integration of my presentation slides and a classroom learning experience. Although it may seem at first like the options for a presenter are endless, there are surprisingly few good presenters to choose from once a few criteria are applied. Hopefully this blog post, based on my experience with different presenters, will help offer some "pointers" for those looking to pick up a new model.

Removing online course evaluations from the classroom

"As a reminder, best practice guidelines encourage instructors to provide in-class time for students to complete their course evaluations; when possible, instructors should devote the initial or middle minutes of class for this activity (without taking these steps, student response rates are expected to be low using online rating tools).

End classroom advertising for the sake of student engagement

"Would you be able to show the attached slide in your class and post the info on your course website?" For those of us who teach large classes, this is a common request. While teaching my intro micro course in fall 2018, I received 30 such emails; I counted. Several of the requests asked for 5 minutes of class time, others to show a video, others required that I attend orientation sessions prior to making my announcement.