Organizational structure and roles

This page shows the groups who provide Faculty-wide functions and services. You can also find their contact information on the Faculty of Arts website people list. Contact for details are provided for each contact.

Offices within the Faculty of Arts

Dean of Arts Office

  • Finance
  • Hiring
  • Communications & social media
  • Website assistance & maintenance
  • Space
  • Health and safety

Arts Advancement Office

  • Fundraising
  • Alumni relations & events
  • Managers of perspective donors and current donors portfolios
  • Scholarships/awards/bursaries for Arts students (undergraduate (UG) and graduate)

Arts Undergraduate Office

  • Resource for UG students, department UG coordinators and UG chairs
  • Academic advisement
  • Curricular matters
  • Recruitment

Arts Graduate Studies and Research Office

  • Resource for graduate students, department graduate coordinators and graduate chairs
  • Research
  • Grants and awards
  • Recruitment

Arts Computing Office

  • Technical support
  • Auxiliary positions (department specific)

Co-op, Administration and Planning Office

  • Co-op
  • Specific cases