Student startups pitch for $125,000 in seed money at the Velocity Fund Finals

Monday, March 28, 2016

The University of Waterloo will host the Velocity Fund Finals this week, where startups of Waterloo students and alumni pitch their innovative ideas for the chance to win cash to grow their businesses. Velocity is a comprehensive entrepreneurship program at Waterloo.

Ten companies will compete for four prizes of $25,000. Judges will present one winner with an additional $10,000 for the top hardware pitch. Another 10 startups will compete for one of three awards of $5,000.

Companies competing for the Winter 2016 Velocity Fund $25K are:

  • AdGoco revolutionizes on-the-road advertising by offering targeted mobile ads that provide drivers with a source of on-demand revenue, and allows businesses to quickly create and launch ad campaigns.
  • BioFlex replaces traditional orthopedic implants used to treat fractures, with biodegradable implants.
  • Fiix is a platform to connect customers with affordable, skilled mechanics at their home or office.
  • Guardio Health Technologies has developed imaging technology for seeing blood flow through the body, for use in a smart sensing video baby monitor, to provide parents with peace of mind about their baby’s safety.
  • Itas is a drone company that helps combat bird damage in agriculture through a HawkDrone.
  • Lace is a marketplace for government software that increases transparency and collaboration between cities.
  • Landmine Boys built a specialized robot to defuse landmines without an explosion or human interaction, in order to eliminate damage to the environment and risk to operator safety.
  • Numa Robotics is developing automation robots for farmers so that they can assign their labour force to higher value jobs and combat labour shortage in the agriculture industry.
  • Okey is an app that logs you into your digital accounts when there is close proximity to your mobile device. With no user interaction, Okey is faster and more secure than typing a password.
  • Pegasus Aeronautics extends the airtime range of drones using advanced hybrid powertrains, making UAVs a viable option for industrial operators.

Finalists pitching for the Winter 2016 Velocity Fund $5K are:

  • AVRO Life Science is developing novel approaches to conventional transdermal drug patches, specifically for the delivery of antihistamines.
  • CognitiVR is a virtual reality training tool that objectively measures concussion symptoms, particularly for athletes, and aids with their return to play.
  • Gamelynx is a web gaming platform that provides users with the ability to play in-person games with their friends, without physical game boards or installing apps.
  • Godel provides route optimization services to enable cost-saving opportunities for small and medium sized companies.
  • Gymnatik partners with gyms to provide applicants with a one day pass anywhere in the world.
  • Moocow Unicycles designs and sells unique, durable unicycle parts.
  • PASS Kit develops mental health first-aid kits to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms in students, and to decrease mental health stigma.
  • Scavengr is a B2B marketplace that facilitates the exchange of industrial by-products, and the logistics for their transportation.
  • Tabnex streamlines the job application process to save time and increase productivity through automation.
  • Tailor is a cross-platform static analysis and lint tool for source code written in Apple’s Swift programming language. It analyzes your code to ensure consistent styling and help avoid bugs.

Velocity Fund $25K judges:

Velocity Fund $5K judges:

Location: Great Hall, Student Life Centre, University of Waterloo

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2016

Time:  The $5K competition starts at 11 a.m. The $25K competition starts at 1 p.m., with the event wrapping at about 3 p.m.

Register online


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Pamela Smyth
University of Waterloo

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