Academic integrity and honesty are defining values — an integral part of who we are and how we define ourselves at the University of Waterloo.

Allegations of plagiarism, such as the one widely reported in national media this week, are deeply troubling. Such incidents are taken very seriously by the university. The University of Waterloo has established policies in place to assess and investigate such allegations against both students and faculty, and a range of well-defined consequences for those who fail to uphold our high standards for academic honesty, integrity and proper conduct.

When the University of Waterloo was made aware of this allegation earlier this year, it was dealt with first within the department, then at the Faculty level, and then by senior leadership. The university has a rigorous process in place to deal with such allegations, and that process is being followed.

The consequences for academic misconduct are serious, because our institution’s core values are at stake. Academic integrity reflects our commitment to honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. It applies to all academic endeavors – teaching, learning and scholarship, and to a range of academic activities, from conduct in research to the writing of co-op work term reports.

Let there be no doubt: We are dealing with this matter properly, with integrity, as openly as possible, and in a timely fashion. We will continue to investigate, we will find answers, and we will continue to communicate with our university community, alumni and other stakeholders on this very serious matter.

This is our commitment.

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