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Waterloo professors awarded $1.4 million for infrastructure

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nineteen researchers at the University of Waterloo will receive a total of $1.4 million for infrastructure to support research.

The funds are awarded through the John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and will provide researchers with the foundational research infrastructure necessary to lead in their field. The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, made the funding announcement in Fredericton today.

“CFI has been supporting research at Waterloo for many years. We are appreciative and value CFI’s long-term support, as well as today’s announcement of funding for infrastructure that will support researchers across all of our Faculties,” said D. George Dixon, vice-president, university research at Waterloo.

The following Waterloo researchers and projects are receiving funding through the JELF awards:

Applied Health Sciences

  • James Wallace (School of Public Health and Health Systems): Interactive Data Exploration and Analysis (IDEA) System ($70,000)


  • Heather Henderson (Department of Psychology): Assessing Children’s Learning in Naturalistic Contexts: Supporting Collaborative Research in Developmental Science ($60,000)
  • Lennart Nacke (Department of Drama and Speech Communication): SURGE – The Stratford User Research and Gameful Experiences Lab ($60,000)
  • Marcel O’Gorman (Department of English Language and Literature): Critical Media Prototyping Suite ($40,000)
  • Neil Randall (Department of English Language and Literature): Waterloo Virtual Reality Storytelling Lab ($35,000)
  • Mathias Schulze (Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies): Language Interaction Laboratory ($40,000)


  • Ning Jiang (Systems Design Engineering): Infrastructure for Waterloo BCI Laboratory ($50,000)
  • Giovanni Montesano (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering): Advanced Composites Processing Infrastructure for Next-Generation Lightweight Vehicles ($75,000)
  • Kevin Musselman (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering): Discovery and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Ubiquitous Electronics ($80,000)
  • Rebecca Saari (Civil and Environmental Engineering): Modelling Sustainable Systems for Climate, Clean Air, and Clean Energy ($50,000)
  • David Simakov (Chemical Engineering): Catalytic Performance Evaluation System ($50,000)
  • Thomas Willett (Systems Design Engineering): Integrated Micro-mechanical Testing Instrumentation System ($75,000)
  • Tze-Wei Yeow (Systems Design Engineering): High-resolution Real-time Three-dimensional (3-D) Ultrasound Medical Imaging Research ($50,000)
  • Evelyn Yim (Chemical Engineering): Nanotopography Platform for Stem Cell ($100,000)
  • Alfred Yu (Electrical and Computer Engineering): Development of New Ultrasound Imaging Tools for High-Frame Rate Vascular Diagnostics ($100,000)


  • Andrew Trant (Environment and Resource Studies): Trant Eco-cultural Legacy (TEL) Lab: Promoting Conservation, Ecology and Science Communication in Changing Landscapes ($28,047)


  • Christopher Bauch (Applied Mathematics): Coupled Human and Natural Systems Laboratory (CHANS-lab) ($85,166)
  • Marek Stastna (Applied Mathematics): Computational Infrastructure for Simulating Lake, Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics ($188,715)


  • Jan Kycia (Physics and Astronomy): Quantum Materials at Ultra Low Temperatures ($171,600)

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