For me, September brings a renewed sense of optimism. Despite the challenges our world faces from an on-going pandemic, economic strife, and geopolitical unrest, I feel optimistic when I look at the important work that our students, faculty, and staff undertake every day. Their hard work is leading towards innovations that will change our world for the better.  

Whether you are returning or new to our campuses, I encourage you to explore and find ways to build connections and a sense of community.  

I am often asked what advice I give to students, and it is this: ask questions and be inquisitive. Don’t be afraid of asking for help.  

The University of Waterloo works hard at providing our students with an exceptional experience which includes resources and supports related to academic success and overall health including mental health. Don’t hesitate to access these resources should you need them. 

Resources and support are available at

We continue to work diligently to ensure a safe environment for our community, and to give our students the best experience possible. 

We are tracking local and provincial health indicators to ensure our operational decisions continue to be informed by the latest data. Furthermore, we are in constant contact with public health authorities and other institutions so that the most up-to-date information is readily available. 

To find the latest University of Waterloo updates and safety guidelines visit

Over the past several months, our community has come together to participate in a visioning exercise entitled Waterloo at 100. Through consultations with a variety of stakeholders, we are seeking to answer the question: what do we as an institution aspire to become by our 100th anniversary in 2057? 

Learn more about the process, and how you can get involved at

I encourage our entire community to enter this academic year with enthusiasm, empathy, and a willingness to explore and collaborate. Working together, our community can accomplish great things.  

Best of luck this academic term,