Welcome to the Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Group

At the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo.

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We do research on numerical analysis and scientific computing, with focus areas in numerical PDEs, numerical linear algebra, and numerical methods for data science.

We hold research seminars, and have links to Waterloo's Centre for Computational Mathematics and School of Computer Science, and to SHARCNET/Compute Canada.

Read about Waterloo's innovation-focused campus culture in this New York Times article: "The University of Waterloo, ... , is one of the world’s best technology schools."

Faculty members:

  • Professor Hans De Sterck (numerical linear algebra, multigrid, finite volume methods for hyperbolic conservation laws, large-scale applications in information technology (tensors, graphs, networks) and in space physics)
  • Professor Lilia Krivodonova (discontinuous Galerkin methods, error estimation and adaptive methods, finite element methods, musical acoustics, hyperbolic conservation laws, GPU computing)
  • Professor Sander Rhebergen (discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods, space-time finite element methods for deforming domain problems, higher-order accurate finite element methods, preconditioners, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, magma/mantle dynamics, two-phase flows)
  • Professor Giang Tran (sparse modeling and sparse optimization methods, data science, image processing and medical imaging, compressed sensing)

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