My roommates are the worst: Messy roommate edition

Welcome to the first edition of "My roommates are the worst".

Throughout the series, we'll highlight common roommate issues and offer tips on how to address them.

10 signs you live with a messy roommate

Because no one likes a terrible roommate!

Messy bathroom10. This pretty much sums up what your bathroom looks like.

9. You have seriously debated putting your roommate on “Hoarding Buried Alive.” *Don't actually do this. It will not be as funny as you might think.

Cake boss

8. Your roommate may not share the same "regular shower schedule" that you do.

7. Your roommates think they are the next cake bosses.

Roommate vanishing meme

6. Your roommates clear out when they see you with a broom or any sort of cleaning supplies in your hand.

5. You rarely see the bottom of your kitchen sink due to all the dishes. Yes, it's still there.

Soth Park meme

4. You don’t understand how your roommates aren’t bald from all the hair you find in the shower drain.

3. Your roommates seem to think that you have a self-cleaning microwave/oven/inside of the fridge/just about everything.

Garbae build up

2. The stench coming from your roommate’s bedroom is quite literally starting to burn your eyes. 

1. Apparently there are different definitions of “taking out the garbage.” 

Don't fret!

If you can relate to any of the above, you have came to the right place. There are some easy approaches to help solve these issues. 

Having a roommate can be rewarding but also comes with its challenges.

A messy roommate is one of the main challenges students face and there are several ways to resolve the relationship if the mess hasn’t gotten out of hand.

Where to start

First, you must ask yourself whether your roommate is genuinely messy.

It is important to remember that your roommate may have had a different upbringing than you and that the “mess” in front of you is their idea of tidy. If you need an honest opinion have a friend stop by and look at the place, they could tell you that you are simply overreacting or if it is time to sign your roommate up for the next TLC hit series.

Second, get to the root of the problem.

Maybe there is an overarching problem that your roommate is trying to solve, and annoying you in the process with their mess is just a side effect.

Third, find common ground.

Just like every other relationship in your life, compromise is key.

Fourth, make cleaning fun.

Have you even heard of the saying “fake it till you make it?” Apply this when trying to make cleaning fun. Divide up tasks and get the job done faster.

Overall, communication is key when tackling your roommate problem.

Need help?

If you need support when trying to deal with roommate issues, feel free to stop by the Off-Campus Housing Office in the SLC.

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