Just because you live off campus, doesn't mean you shouldn't still take advantage of all the great opportunities uWaterloo has to offer!

Get connected through the Off-Campus Dons

The Off Campus Dons is a WUSA run service in which we aim to serve as mentors for students living off-campus for their first year at the University of Waterloo.
Students register with us on the first day of Orientation Week, after registering with their faculty and receiving a wrist band for the week. Each student registered is paired with an upper-year student, their Don. 
During the year, Dons will continue to contact these first year students by e-mail, updating them on events being held and opportunities around campus!

Live off-campus, eat on-campus

Even though you are not living in residence, you can still purchase an off-campus meal plan from Food Services and eat on-campus at discounted rates.
Food Services also has agreements with many off-campus vendors to make purchases, such as food, haircuts and taxi services, with your meal plan money.

Contact information

The Off Campus Dons also have an office, SLC 2142, where students can drop in, hang out, play board games, chat with their dons or ask questions.


519-888-4567, ext. 35349


Their mission is to help direct students to the resources available to them on campus to ensure their first year here is a success!