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Wondering where to live next year?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Join us at the Upper-Year Housing Fair

On Wednesday, January 30, from 11 am to 3 pm, this open house-style event in the Great Hall of the Student Life Centre is bringing landlords and important resource to students!

Landlords and property management companies will be available to show pictures of properties, have example leases, schedule property viewings, and answer any questions student may have.

In addition to off-campus accommodation, on-campus residences will be promoting upper-year residence options for students looking for the convenience of living on campus.

Students have a variety of choices on where they choose to live in Waterloo after their first-year experience. With all these options, it’s sometimes an issue for students to compare one place to another before they sign a lease off campus. That’s exactly why we’re bringing housing providers directly to you!

When students move off campus, they have additional rules and expectations to follow. Students will often enter into lease agreements and boarder agreements – while others search for sublet arrangements. Students must become educated on the Residential Tenancies Act, their responsibilities as tenants, and become knowledgeable about Waterloo Rental Housing By-Laws.

The Upper-Year Housing Fair will expand the audience of the housing information sessions and provide a casual environment to deliver this educational programming.

If students need assistance with upper-year housing for any reason, please contact the Waterloo Residences and Off-Campus Housing office located on the lower level of the Student Life Centre, or email

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