Weekly waste management tasks

Place your green bin, garbage, and recycling items on the curb:

  • No earlier than 7 p.m. the night before collection,
  • No later than 7 a.m. on collection day.

Don't forget to remove containers and any uncollectible items by 9 a.m. the day following collection.

Collection information


  • Green bin, garbage, and recycling items must be clearly visible,
  • Items must be placed at the end of the driveway,
  • Garbage CANNOT be collected if placed on top of, or behind snowbanks,
  • Recycling is to be separated and placed into blue boxes; one for containers, the other for paper, cardboard, and plastic bags,
  • Plastic is not allowed in the green bin.

What can go in the Blue Box?

Paper/ Bags Blue Box:

  • Boxboard, corrugated cardboard
  • Newspapers, magazines/catalogues, hardcover/paperback books
  • Phone books
  • Household paper
  • Plastic grocery/retail bags
  • Please combine paper and plastic bags together to avoid litter.

Containers Blue Box:

  • Aluminum foil wraps/trays
  • Bottles/jars
  • Metal food/beverage containers
  • Empty Paint/aerosol cans
  • Drinking boxes, milk/juice cartons
  • Plastic containers

What can go in the Green bin?

  • All food scraps including bones, peelings, shells, baking and cooking ingredients, spoiled and raw and cooked food (remove all packaging, stickers)
  • small amount (no more than one cup per green bin) of liquids

  • Paper plates, paper towels, facial tissue, greasy take-out paper packaging, paper baking cups, shredded paper
  • Hair, nail clippings, fur, feathers, and wrapped pet waste
  • Houseplants, cut flowers waste, natural greenery from wreaths (remove pots, wire, decorations)
  • Wooden toothpicks

For more information, please visit the Region of Waterloo Waste Management website.

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How to ge a blue box and green bin

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