Many Waterloo students sublet their accommodations, and this can be a positive and beneficial experience.

What is subletting?

Subletting involves a tenant with a fixed-term lease moving out temporarily of the rental unit, and allowing another person to move in for a specific period of time, typically a 4- or 8-month term.

How to sublet

First step

The first thing you need to do when you are considering subletting your accommodation is to inform your landlord of your intentions in writing. It is your responsibility as a tenant to do so.

Next steps

  • Next, search for a subletter. You can post your place available for rent on the Student Classifieds section. You may also want to post on other websites or ask friends and classmates.

  • You should introduce all potential subletters to the roommate(s) who will be occupying the accommodation at the same time as your subletter. 

  • It is very important to ensure that everyone is compatible with each other. Once you have found a compatible subletter, you should cancel all bills in your name. This way, you will not be held responsible for any costs incurred by your subletter.

  • Finally, a copy of the lease agreement currently held between you and your landlord should be attached to the sublet agreement between you and your subletter. It is important that the subletter knows and understands the terms they are agreeing to.


  1. You become the landlord to your subletter, and will be responsible for his/her actions i.e. damages, noise complaints etc. 

  2. You still pay rent to the landlord and the subletter pays rent to you.

Additional information

Landlord Tenant Board
Formerly the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, this site directs you to your legal obligations as a sublettor and provides useful definitions and explanations about subletting and re-assigning tenancies.

Housing and Residences
You can pick up a sublet agreement form here, and get answers to your subletting questions.


Once you have found a subletter, download & sign the following PDF contract:

Sublet agreement [PDF]

Advertising a sublet

  • Student classifieds 
    Free to students, this site allows current Waterloo students to advertise a sublet free of charge. Students searching for a 4-month rental may also post ads on this site.
  • Off-Campus Housing listings 
    You can post an ad on the listing site for a charge of $25 for 30 days.