The School supports the Ontario Association of Optometrists’ recent emergency action. Learn how this may affect your appointment.

Hours and appointments

Most clinics operate between the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


To book an appointment, please contact individual clinics directly by telephone. Appointments by e-mail are not feasible. New patients to the Optometry Clinic who would like to book an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination should call 519-888-4062. Please ensure that you have your health card number ready.

All clinics, apart from Optical Services (dispensing), require appointments which may be obtained by calling 519-888-4062 (see the table below for direct phone numbers).

Clinic Direct line Extension
Primary Care Clinic 519-888-4062 84062
Binocular Vision and Aniseikonia Clinic 519-888-4567 32395
Centre for Sight Enhancement (Low Vision Services) 519-888-4708 84708
Contact Lens Clinic 519-888-4414 84414
Electrodiagnostic Clinic 519-888-4567 36930
External Clinics (Geriatrics) 519-888-4567 36236
External Clinics (Paediatrics) 519-888-4567 37879
Health Sciences Optometry Clinic (formerly Victoria School Clinic) 519-888-4455 84455
Ocular Health Clinic 519-888-4623 84263
Optical Services 519-888-4733 84733
Paediatric and Special Needs Clinic 519-888-4567 36321
TLC Laser Eye Centers 1-888-225-5852