2013 Assistant and Staff CE

11th Annual Optometric Assistant & Staff Continuing Education (CE) Program

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All topics are based on the theme of this year’s CE, Primary Eye Care. The Saturday lectures cover topics for both the everyday & special needs patient. Need sports vision in your practice? Dr Kristine Dalton, is our sports vision specialist. Ruby Van Eeken highlights services from CNIB & Alex Donkin presents tips for today’s consumer market. Your low vision (LV) patients may need more than just eye care & Melinda Szilva, LV counselor, is the expert. Dr Tammy Labreche specializes in elderly & LV care and will be presenting how falls affect the aging patient. To end the day, Dr. Lacey Haines will offer tips for specialty contact lens fits. For the final lecture hour on Saturday June 1, OA/staff are invited to the Distinguished Woodruff Lecture  at 5:00pm with the ODs in room 1129.

Sunday workshops: Do you know what loss of vision feels like from various conditions? Experience it in Hour 1. Devices for the Low Vision client can be complicated & overwhelming. In hours 2 & 3 we will work with powers & dispensing of magnifiers for close work & devices for distance vision. Dr Labreche & Heidi Panchaud will help you know how to discuss, understand and adjust various LV devices.


All CE courses take place in the Optometry Building on the north side of Columbia Street, across from the north entrance of the UW main campus. Parking is available in Parking Lot “O” beside, and Parking Lot “X” behind Optometry. All Saturday lectures will be held on the 3rd floor in room 309. The Sunday workshop will be on the 4th floor, room 440.

Local accommodations


Optometric Assistants Lectures
 Saturday, June 1 (7 hours)


Optometric Assistants Workshop

Sunday, June 2 (3 hours)



Contact:     519 888-4567  ext 33177

Elizabeth Reidt, CE Coordinator



Saturday, June 1

(lecture order is subject to change)

7:45 Registration & Continental Breakfast

Room 309   8:30 – 11:45

Morning Lecture Series

Dr Kristine Dalton  Sports Vision – Your Patients, Your Practice, Your Community

Ruby Van Eeken     CNIB Services & Products


Alexandra Donkin  Lessons for Selling & Marketing Success    

12:00 – 1:30 Lunch/Trade Show   (1st floor – Student Commons)

1:30 – 4:45

Afternoon Lecture Series

Melinda Szilva    Psycho-Social Aspects of Vision Loss

Dr Tammy Labreche  Falls and the Aging Patient


Dr Lacey Haines  Specialty Contact Lenses 101

Distinguished Woodruff Lecture

Dr. Phil Hooper    Room 1129     5:00 – 6:00

Sunday, June 2

8:30 Registration & Continental Breakfast


Room 440   9:00 – 12:00 noon 

Simulators, Sensitization & Sighted Guide  Dr T Labreche & Heidi Panchaud CVRT

Near Vision Aids & Magnifiers Dr T Labreche & Heidi Panchaud CVRT

Distance Aids & Field Enhancers Dr T Labreche & Heidi Panchaud CVRT

Workshop space is limited. A minimum of 10 participants is necessary. Maximum of 40. Delegates will be notified in advance if cancellation of workshop occurs.

All hours for Optometric Assistants Continuing Education credits are subject to approval for accreditation through the CAO.