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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The American Academy of Optometry held its 98th annual meeting (along with the 3rd World Congress of Optometry) in Orlando, Florida last week and the School of Optometry & Vision Science was well-represented. Both students and faculty shared their research and expertise over four days of lectures, workshops and poster presentations. In addition, a number of our members receive awards, designations and other recognition and we welcomed 200 people to our annual Canadian Alumni and Friends reception.

Here are the highlights from Academy 2019!

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Dr. Patricia Hrynchak named Academy diplomate

Congratulations to Dr. Patricia Hrynchak, who was named an Optometric Education (OE) diplomate. An OE diplomate has demonstrated excellence through training and scholarship in optometric education.

Academy diplomates are doctors of optometry who have strived to attain a level of excellence beyond the Fellowship program. The diplomate designation is held by fewer than 1% of optometrists.

Congratulations to new fellows

The designation Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO) recognizes individuals who have met the high standards of professional competence in a broad range of issues related to eye care.

Fifteen members of the School community recently completed a rigorous qualification process to become Academy fellows. We are proud to recognize Chandra Engs, Ian Erkelens, Saleel Jivraj, Tina Morowat, Alison Ng, Sana Owais, Chau-Minh Phan, Sergiu Picioreanu, Jessica Sgro, Rana Taji, Wylie Tan, Benjamin Thompson, Gregory Thompson, Hendrik Walther and Ken Wan.

Faculty and alumni celebrate milestone fellowship anniversaries

“The AAO has been an important organization to optometric education and vision science research. In translating research into practice and elevating the profession, the Academy has relied on committed volunteers and fellows to advance the organization’s mission. The School has many faculty and alumni who have earned the distinction of fellow, and this year marks the anniversary of several who deserve recognition for their longstanding commitment and service.” – Dr. Stan Woo

50 years - Dr. Jake Sivak, Dr. Murch Callendar  and Dr. George Woo    

40 years - Dr. Ron Phillips and Dr. Barbara Robinson

25 years - Dr. Sue Leat and Dr. Marlee Spafford

AAOF Awards

Through the generosity of corporate sponsors, the American Academy of Optometry Foundation (AAOF) provide financial supports through fellowship, scholarship, grants, student and residency award programs.

AAOF Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care  - Kirsten Carter

AAOF Robert Mandell Ezell Club Fellow  - Dr. Heinz Otchere

AAOF VSP Practice Excellence - Komal Patel and Angela Zhang

Johnson & Johnson Vision J. Pat Cummings Award - Song Kim

CooperVision Cornea, Contact Lenses and Refractive Technologies Resident Travel Fellowship - Dr. Rosa (Yawen) Yang

American Academy of Optometry Student Travel Fellowships - Dr. Lacey Haines

Our impact at Academy 2019

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