Professor Emeritus

Graham StrongPast Director, Centre for Sight Enhancement
Adjunct Research Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI)
Vice President, National Accreditation Council for Blindness and Low Vision Services (NAC)
ODMSc (Waterloo)




Graham Strong has worked in the field of low vision rehabilitation since 1970. His primary research focuses on evidence-based low vision services and the development of new assistive devices for people with impaired vision. In addition, Strong is a court-recognized Forensic Optometrist who has been consulted in numerous homicide investigations and prosecutions.


My research is primarily concerned with various aspects blindness and low vision rehabilitation. Several specific areas of interest include:

  • Research and development of new assistive technologies for people who are blind or low visioned
  • The unique utility and associated assessment ramifications for video-based low vision devices
  • Evidence-based vision rehabilitation
  • Approved Ph.D. supervisor

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