Professor Emeritus

OD (COO), MSc (Indiana), PhD (Indiana) 


Include ocular photography, use of closed circuit television in teaching clinical techniques, analysis of stereophotographs of the ocular fundus, applications of microcomputers to stereopsis and other clinical research, retinal topography, microcomputer/digitizing pad analysis of tortuosity of retinal arterioles in normotensive and hypertensive populations and for analysis of visual field area in various age groups, correlation between morphology of nerve head and visual field; behavior of blood vessels in foveal area.


  • Williams TD, Lyle WM. Granular Corneal Dystrophy: slitlamp biomicroscopic appearances in three generations of patients. Optom Vis Science 2001;78(2):79-84.
  • Williams TD, Crosson CAT. Arteries and the fovea: literature review and clinical study. Can J Optom 1999;61(1):19-32.
  • Williams TD. Usefulness of visual field norms. Ophthalmologica 1999;213:276.
University of Waterloo

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