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William Bobier.Cross appointment with Physics
OD (Waterloo), PhD (Cambridge), FAAO

Telephone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 32090
Fax: (519) 725-0784
Office: OPT 259
Labs: OPT 225 and 229, ext. 36756


Bill entered private optometric practice following graduation and then returned to university life where he completed a M.Sc. (Physiological Optics, University of Waterloo) then a Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge). A common thread in all throughout was to gain a better understanding of the developing binocular motor system in infants and children. Bill joined the faculty at the School of Optometry in 1987. He served as Associate Director (1999–2002) and then Director of the School (2002–2005). His interest in developing binocular motor systems remained central to his research activity and teaching.

Research in Vision Science

Ocular focus and alignment

Central to the research in the development of binocular motor systems has been the study of the interactions between ocular focus (accommodation) and alignment (vergence) and its development in infants and children. Current work looks at:

  • Defining the nature of critical adaptive mechanisms that underlie robust binocular vision
  • Investigating the rehabilitation of these mechanisms through ophthalmic and orthoptic interventions

Ocular focus measures in pre-school children

  • Determining patterns of errors of focus (astigmatism and other ocular aberrations) in large populations of preschool children
  • Investigating the use of objective measures of ocular focus as a screening method for visual anomalies in pre school children
  • Identifying associations between ocular focus and literacy development

Photo-refractive instrumentation

The optical design, and development of photographic methods that allowing measures of optical focus in infants and young children.

Approved Ph.D. supervisor

Clinic duties

  • Registered optometrist, O.D. (Waterloo)
  • Supervising clinician: Pediatric and Special Needs Clinic and Binocular Vision Clinic
  • Clinical interests: vision of infants and children (pediatric optometry)

Teaching interests

Undergraduate courses

  • OPTOM 126: Fundamentals of Visual Optics
  • OPTOM 142: Ocular Motility
  • OPTOM 219: Visual Perception 2: Monocular and Binocular Visual Processes
  • OPTOM 252: Clinical Techniques 2
  • OPTOM 272: Strabismus and Aniseikonia
  • OPTOM 377: Pediatric Optometry and Learning Disabilities
  • OPTOM 477: Clinical Techniques 4
  • OPTOM 478: Optometry Clinics

Graduate courses in vision science

  • OPTOM 603: Accommodation and Convergence
  • OPTOM 613: Visual Development
University of Waterloo

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