The Case for Using Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Care Solutions: A Review

TitleThe Case for Using Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Care Solutions: A Review
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsNichols, J., R. Chalmers, K. Dumbleton, L. Jones, C. Lievens, M. Merchea, and L. Szczotka-Flynn
JournalEye and Contact Lens
KeywordsComfort, contact lens, contact lens solution, Contact Lens Solutions, Contact lenses, Disinfection, human, Humans, Hydrogen peroxide, Hydrophilic, hydrophilic contact lens, Multipurpose solution, Ocular health, procedures, Safety, Vision

Despite their established disinfection and safety benefits, the use of hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) lens care systems among today's wearers of reusable contact lenses remains low in comparison with multipurpose solution (MPS) use. Multipurpose solution systems, however, present several potential drawbacks that may impact patient outcomes, including the use of chemical preservatives for disinfection, biocompatibility issues, and challenges with respect to lens care compliance. Given their unique composition and mechanism of action, one-step H 2 O 2 systems offer the opportunity to avoid many of the challenges associated with MPS use. This article reviews the evolution of H 2 O 2 lens care systems and examines the current scientific and clinical evidence regarding the relative ease of use, lens and tissue compatibility, disinfection efficacy, and ocular surface safety of H 2 O 2 systems. Evaluation of the available data indicates that in comparison with MPS, one-step H 2 O 2 systems tend to promote more favorable compliance, efficacy, comfort, and ocular surface outcomes for a wide range of contact lens-wearing patients. Based on the current published evidence, the authors recommend that eye care practitioners consider making one-step H 2 O 2 systems their first-line contact lens care recommendation for most wearers of reusable lenses. © 2018 Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, Inc.