Milton Good Library at Conrad Grebel

Collection of classical music recordings, reference material, program notes, biographies of composers, and images.  You do need to have a valid WatIAM login as a current student/staff/faculty to access NAXOS.  Alumni cannot access NAXOS.  The easiest way to do it if you are not on campus is via the library webpage, as you need to sign in to your library account first (this is what authenticates access, via WatIAM).  Then search for “Naxos music library”.

Petrucci Music Library

Free legal sheet music

Mutopia Project

More free legal sheet music

Werner Icking Music Archive

Yet some more free legal sheet music

Every Note

Even more free legal sheet music


Listen to all tracks of 5,000 of their CDs for US $20 per year.

Sheet Music Archive