OHD | Organizational Chart

Leadership Team

The Director of Organizational & Human Development, Katrina Di Gravio, oversees the operation department and the development of programs for the university community. Further, Katrina is highly involved in the strategic planning of the institution in several key areas, such as the Healthy Workplace Committee and the Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace program. She liaises with the Associate Provost, Human Resources on key programs and initiatives.

The Assistant Director, Susan Grant, oversees the department learning & development operations and program development for the University of Waterloo employees. Susan serves in several key university committees, such as the Staff International Experience Fund (SIEF) and the Staff Enhancement Experience (SEE) Canada Grant.

The Manager of Operations and Marketing, Mark Lisetto-Smith, oversees the day-to-day operations of the department in the areas of financial management, marketing and branding, and is also the project lead on OHD's learning & development events, such as the annual Waterloo Staff Conference. He also works on institutional strategic projects such as Canada's Top 100 Employers.

Facilitation Team

Our Learning & Development Coordinators report to the Assistant Director and lead the learning of staff development at the institution. Our highly-skilled Facilitation Team develops in-house programming for the University and facilitates OHD's programming to over 1700 individuals each year. Further, the programming they designed and offer supports the strategic plan initiatives, such the award winning Principles of Inclusivity and the Leadership Development programs.


The Administrative Assistant, Beth Dietrich, reports to the Manager of Operations and Marketing and manages with the operational side of the learning and development workshops offered by the department and provides general support to the OHD office.

Co-op Student

Each term, OHD hires an Waterloo undergraduate co-op student to assist with the facilitators with research and special projects. OHD's co-op student reports to a rotating supervisor on the facilitation team.