Note:  If a course offering on Workday fills up (as does the waitlist), the system removes the workshop from being accessed by attendees so that should someone unenroll, that spot is automatically filled from the Waitlist. Once spots are available again on the waitlist, it will be visible again in Workday.


Please cancel your registration through Workday*.

* Prior to cancellation, please read our policies regarding cancellations below.

Cancellation policy

If you cannot make it to a session, OHD requires at least 72 hours notice. A cancellation less than 72 hours in advance, or failure to show up for a class for which you are registered, will result in a departmental charge of $75.

NOTE: Being unable to attend due to family emergencies, illness, or inclement weather override this policy. Simply let us know if you cannot make or missed a course due to these reasons.

Please contact if you have questions about this matter.


Please be on time for workshops. 

Late attendees may not be permitted at the discretion of the workshop facilitator. 

A Note about Scents Allergies

Please note that other attendees or your facilitator could be sensitive to scents or have allergies to specific food items. As such, please do not wear perfume, cologne, or heavy-scented products while attending workshops or events.

Also, please inquire before bringing certain food items or opening a food container in a workshop.