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The Organizational & Human Development Team

Part of the Inclusivity Certificate Series

This workshop introduces the University of Waterloo's Principles of Inclusivity, the first of seven workshops in the series. This workshop will help you to understand how equity, diversity, and inclusivity are perceived at the University of Waterloo through a shared understanding and commitment to inclusive practices. As you examine each principle, you will increase your knowledge and awareness of inclusivity while learning skills to practice and promote inclusivity in your workplace and in the University of Waterloo community.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the University of Waterloo’s Principles of Inclusivity and begin to recognize their importance in establishing and fostering an inclusive community.
  • Identify available tools to utilize when faced with challenges specific to diversity and inclusivity, while exploring opportunities for personal reflection and growth.
  • Employ the Principles of Inclusivity as the foundation of inclusive practices at the University of Waterloo.

Workshop Goal

By the end of this workshop, participants will have increased their knowledge and awareness of equity, diversity, and inclusivity through an exploration of the principles. Participants will recognize how the Principles of Inclusivity are aligned to the University of Waterloo’s values and strategic vision.

Note: This course is also part of OHD's Core development workshops

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