Leadership Development Programs

Within Organizational & Human Development’s (OHD) Values Informed Leadership Development Framework, we currently offer two Leadership Development programs: Leadership Essentials and Leadership Foundations

Both programs are aligned to support Waterloo’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan Connecting Imagination with Impact. The mission, vision and values of the university are embedded within our programs, and OHD is proud to help advance and support the lifelong learning and professional growth of employees. 

Both programs are directed to non-academic and academic employees.

Participant Profiles

Leadership Essentials: This program is for those looking to develop their "People Leadership" capabilities, those who are new to supervision or management of full-time or contract employees (less than 3 years’ experience), and/or those with formal leadership responsibilities who accomplish tasks and goals through their teams. 

Leadership Foundations: This program is for those looking to develop their "Strategic/Knowledge Leadership" capabilities, those in leadership roles who manage a team or multiple teams within a department/faculty, and/or manage complex projects across multiple departments/faculties.

Review both programs to learn more and determine which program is the best fit for you.

Values Informed Leadership Development Framework
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