Leadership Development Programs

Whether you are a new or seasoned manager, development opportunities can help you maximize your full potential. Within Organizational & Human Development’s Leadership Development Framework, we offer two Leadership Development programs: Leadership Essentials and Leadership Foundations

Both Leadership Essentials and Leadership Foundations help to advance the “Robust Employer-Employee Relationship” theme of the University of Waterloo’s Strategic Plan, in which the university is committed to focus efforts on our people, to foster deep institutional pride, and professional growth in employees. 

The immersive leadership programs offer a unique learning and development opportunity designed to be a mix of formal learning, self-reflection, one-on-one coaching from OHD, case studies, and tools that can be immediately applied within the workplace and guide your development.  The program sessions are experienced alongside fellow managers and supervisors from across campus which also provides an opportunity to build a network of peers and to share best practices.  

Supporting managers participate actively in the program by attending the manager sessions and providing opportunities for participants to apply the learning in the workplace.  

Review both programs below to assess which program would be the best fit for you.

Leadership Development Guide


Leadership Essentials
Contact Information:

Organizational &
Human Development
Ext. 33099 | MC 4052


Leadership Foundations
Contact Information:

Assistant Director
Organizational &
Human Development
Ext. 38258 | MC 4053