[OHD] January 2021 Newsletter | Jan 2022 offerings + Speaker Series Feb Keynote + Leadership Essentials is back!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022



Welcome back everyone! With the holidays in the rear-view mirror, we are excited to announce our upcoming line-up of workshops, including our new performance conversation workshops directed at having conversation with your manager and the launch of the Waterloo Staff Conference speaker series with a February keynote! Registration is open right now so head over to Portal to sign up!

*NEW - Navigating Performance Conversations (with your manager):  

This new workshop will offer practical tips for employees on how to prepare for their performance appraisal conversations with their manager. Staff will learn how to talk about their accomplishments in the past year and explore what skills they would like to develop and foster in the upcoming year.

Leading Performance Conversations (with your team): 

This is our people leadership focused workshop which is very much in line with our previous offerings, just with a new name. This workshop focuses on having meaningful, ongoing conversations with employees, specific to their performance. This workshop will convey the value of coaching as a tool for managers and supervisors to help foster a culture of lifelong learning, moving from a model of performance appraisal to one of performance coaching.

Core Development: Building Community through Innovation and Collaboration:

We pride ourselves on innovation at the University of Waterloo. In this session, we explore the partnership between innovation and collaboration as an integral part of our community. We will discuss how to tap into our collective curiosity to build a mindset focused on continuous improvement in the spirit of connecting imagination with impact.

Managing Compassion: Staying Well While Helping Others:

In this workshop, you will learn the qualities and behaviours of compassion while gaining practical strategies to better handle work and home stress. You will develop a plan which will help you to stay well while helping others --- together, we will rise to meet this challenge. 

Integrity Matters:

In this workshop, you will discover what integrity means to you by examining your own core values and the importance of living in alignment with these values. Building on the Six Fundamental Values of Integrity, the second half of the workshop explores what actions and avoidances demonstrate these values in our lives. You will also have the opportunity to begin to bring your values to life by creating a personal mission statement.

Explore more dates and more virtual workshop offerings on our Calendar of Workshops.

Currently, all workshops and events will be online and hosted in Microsoft Teams. An invite will be sent to you by the workshops facilitator(s). If you have questions or have not received your invite prior to the course, please contact ohd@uwaterloo.ca.




In February and March 2022, join us for a fantastic line up of keynote speakers leading up to this year’s Waterloo Staff Conference in early April.

February Keynote Announced: Michelle R. Weise, Ph.D.: Tapping into the Lifelong Learning Market Tuesday, February 8, 10:30-11:45 am

Dr. Michelle R. Weise is an award-winning author, scholar, speaker, and widely recognized authority on preparing working-age adults for the jobs of today and tomorrow. She was named one of 30 management and leadership thinkers in the world to watch in 2021 by Thinkers50.

Michelle serves as an advisor to countless businesses and organizations, and in 2020 published Long-Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet. Her commentaries on redesigning higher education and developing more innovative workforce and talent pipeline strategies have been featured in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and on PBSNewshour.

To read a description of the talk, and Michelle's bio, click here

Registration is now open on Portal.



Organizational & Human Development is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for our immersive Leadership Development program: Leadership Essentials.

The Leadership Essentials program is a comprehensive series of synchronous and asynchronous workshops aimed at developing and enhancing the essential leadership skills of supervisors and managers of people.

Please review the program description to learn more about the program requirements and framework, the application process, and program schedule. Applications will be accepted until January 28, 2022.

Leadership Foundations (ON HOLD)

We have paused our official offering of the Leadership Foundations program. Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned in the months to come for updates.

Questions about the programs? Please contact John Fedy, Manager, Leadership Development.



Introduction to Equity:

This foundational workshop is designed to give you an understanding of equity and how our interactions with one another are shaped by systems of oppression, power, and privilege. Offered on January 18 and March 2  

2SLGBTQ+ Fundamentals:

This is an introductory workshop to help students, faculty and staff develop greater understandings of 2SLGBTQ+ identities; gain knowledge about protected rights; and, identify and explore barriers to develop and foster actions that create a more welcoming campus environment and offer meaningful and relevant support. Offered on February 2  


Unlearning the Binary: Fostering a Truly Trans-Inclusive Campus:

The purpose of the workshop is to help students, faculty and staff understand historical and present-day issues that impact trans and non-binary Black & racialized identities, debunk and de-mystify conversations around trans inclusion, and generate discussion on accountability frameworks and best practices to better affirm trans identities. Offered on February 10 and March 21 

NEW: Disrupting & Decentering Whiteness:

An intermediate-level workshop open to all students, faculty and staff. This workshop explores how we can disrupt the centering of whiteness in higher education and unpack white supremacy culture's material effects and its harm on racialized students, faculty and staff. Offered on January 25 and March 24


NEW: Pathways for Addressing (with care) Disclosures of Racism:

This introductory workshop will help students, faculty and staff develop a sense of accountability and understanding of the pervasive nature of racism within the Institution. This workshop will be open for students only on February 17th and for faculty and staff only on March 10th.  


NEW: Identifying & Uprooting Internalized Racism:

Who is Canadian? Why are racialized individuals constantly othered and made to feel we don’t belong? This closed workshop is for University of Waterloo community members who are Indigenous, Black, racialized, who are grieving the racism in the world while investigating our own internalized racism. A closed workshop for students only will be offered on February 8. The closed workshop for faculty and staff will be offered on March 15. 


If you have any questions about these offerings, or the registration process, please contact hrei.trainings@uwaterloo.ca.



Did you know there is a project management office on campus? Did you know they offer workshops on topics like creating project charters, managing risk in your projects and can offer custom sessions for your group? For current offerings, dates, and course descriptions, check out their website.

The Project Management Office (PMO) offers project management training courses through the IT Professional Development (ITPD) program.

Workshop Registration Process

Registration for OHD workshops takes place through the University’s Portal registrationsystem. New to Portal? Learn more about this application.

Good to Know:

  • Employee learning and development records will still be documented in Workday. 
  • Be sure to click on the workshop links to get the full schedule/description, including dates and times. Some sessions have more than one module or require pre-work.
  • Portal does not work with Internet Explorer. If you are encountering errors with accessing Portal, please try another browser, or download the Portal app to your mobile device.



Need to cancel? Simply log into Portal and update your registration accordingly. A new confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.  Please review our cancellation policies prior. If you have questions, please contact ohd@uwaterloo.ca.

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