Learning & Development Specialist

Annette has worked for the University of Waterloo since her graduation in 2001, where she has over 14 years of experience developing and training employees, and creating customized solutions for the campus community. Annette joined the Organizational & Human Development (OHD) Team in 2008 where she began designing and facilitating leadership programs for employees. As a champion of diversity, her expertise is in creating equitable and inclusive environments and promoting the university’s Principles of Inclusivity.  Annette has represented the university as a speaker at numerous conferences and events regarding inclusive practices and design.

She is a Certified Training & Development Professional (through the Institute for Performance & Learning), a Performance Coach & Trainer, is a trainer of the Personality Dimensions program, and has various certificates in leadership practice and management. She most recently received her Mental Health First Aid certification.

Annette likes tea and hot chocolate.

University of Waterloo
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