OHD 2016 Staff Conference

OHD is inviting proposals for the Ninth Annual Staff Conference for workshop sessions taking place on April 6 & 7, 2016. Session proposals should be for a stimulating or interactive learning experience focused on professional and/or personal development of employees at the University of Waterloo. The workshop or presentation should include discussion items, activities, and/or other methods of engagement, along with clear learning objectives or outcomes. Examples of topic areas include: new Waterloo initiatives, cultural and social sustainability matters, leadership and development, health and wellness matters, as well as art,  cultural, or physical activities. These may be single presenter sessions or team-led.

Deadline Extended! The deadline for submissions of proposal abstracts is December 15, 2015 January 8, 2016.

All proposals should include:

  1. Your name(s), department(s), and contact information for the presenter(s) / those involved in the session. In each instance, the person who submits the proposal will be the key contact.
  2. A session title.
  3. Session description (not to exceed 500 words, please) outlining the objectives, material, and design for the session. The description should discuss the learning outcomes participants will gain by attending your session. For interactive sessions please also include a description of methods of presentation (e.g., group activity, discussion, level of interactivity, etc.). List any references you deem relevant (these may be in addition to the 500 word limit mentioned above). Your description will appear in the conference program and on the conference website.
  4. Any audio-visual requirements.

Submission of Proposals

  • Please e-mail your proposal as an attachment to Mark Lisetto-Smith, coordinator of the annual staff conference, at m25smith@uwaterloo.ca.
  • All attachments should be .doc, .docx, or .rtf format, or pdf.
  • Name your file by your last name and the session title e.g., Lisetto-Smith-Utilizing-Social-Networking-For-Work.doc
  • Give your e-mail the subject heading: "Call for Proposals: 2016 Staff Conference".

Note: All proposals will be subject to a review process by the OHD office. You will receive reviewers' confirmation and/or feedback by January 15, 2016 January 20, 2016 and will be invited to consider this feedback before submitting the final version of your session description before February 4, 2016.
Amendments not received by this date will regrettably not be included in the printed materials. The final session information must be available on the website when registration launches on March 7, 2016.

Visit uwaterloo.ca/ohd for more information on previous conferences.

April 6 & 7

Staff Conference Workshop - FYI:

Workshops should be between 60-70 minutes in length. 

OHD provides assistance leading up to the event, which is facilitated through meetings, follow-up discussions, and through a 1 hour training session in the location/rooms and with technology.  Our team works closely with you to ensure your session runs as smoothly as possible.

Workshop facilitators should be prepared to run their workshop twice; however, you may be asked to run it once, twice, or even three times depending on demand/type.

Size limitations vary depending on room. Typically the room sizes are 48 and 150, and rooms are designated by the topic of a workshop and popularity. OHD will monitor enrolment and may move your room accordingly, and we'll keep you apprised of any and all changes, of course.

Most workshop presenters source their own materials (if they are needed) and develop their own materials.  OHD provides printing of handouts (if sent to us by the cut-off date) and assists with operations of your workshop on the days of the conference through an OHD designated room host.

Questions about the event?

Mark Lisetto-Smith, Coordinator, Communications & Events
Organizational & Human Development (OHD)
University of Waterloo
(519) 888-4567 ext. 38257