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Day One

Dr. Peter Jensen | Igniting the Third Factor

How do you get someone else committed to reaching their full potential? It’s a question that challenges new managers and seasoned executives alike, echoes through coaches’ heads as they watch a gifted athlete underachieve, and keeps parents up at night. It’s a question that you need to be able to answer to move your work team to high performance and enable your children to achieve self-reliance and success.

It’s also a question Peter Jensen has spent a lifetime investigating. In Igniting the Third Factor, Peter synthesizes his life’s work into the five core practices exceptional leaders use to ignite the Third Factor – whether it’s in the locker room before a gold medal Olympic hockey game or at a routine performance review.

Peter works through an easy-to-understand model, providing a clear view of what separates ‘igniters’ from ‘extinguishers’ and exploring a wealth of strategies you can put to use immediately in your world..

Image of Dr. Peter JensenDr. Peter Jensen is the founder of one of Canada’s premiere training companies Performance Coaching Inc. He has worked with major companies all over North America and abroad. He has attended seven Olympic Games, worked with over 40 medal winning athletes and their coaches, and is currently the sports psychology trainer for Canada’s Olympic women’s hockey team. He is also an instructor at Canada’s foremost executive development school, Queen's School of Business.

Stuart Knight | Four Conversations of a Leader

Stuart Knight will assist you and your team to understand the four conversations one must be able to create in order to be a true leader. This hilarious and thought provoking presentation will not only change the way your audience communicates with the people that matter the most, but will inspire them to change the conversation of their mind so they can reach new levels of success. Since the test of time, our ability to create strong relationships with others has been the key factor to reaching our potential. During the Four Conversations of a Leader presentation Stuart Knight empowers the audience with the fundamental tools needed to foster those relationships and to reach that true potential within all of us!

Image of Stuart KnightStuart Knight is a graduate from the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University and today is an entrepreneur, actor, entertainer, writer, and producer extraordinaire.  Since establishing his company, Stuart has written, produced and starred in shows that have been seen by over one million people across North America. Each year, he speaks nationally and has helped some of Canada’s biggest companies reach new levels of success. He has a new book entitled You Should Have Asked - The Art of Powerful Conversation.

Stuart truly believes that we are only as strong as our team and it’s our daily interaction with each other that strengthens the bond we have with our customers, clients and each other. As Stuart says, “One conversation can change your life, but many conversations will shape it.”

Gregg Ward & Associates | Staff Stories: Scenes from a Diverse Community 

From the North American experts in using live, professional theater as a diversity and inclusion training tool comes a powerful new program: "Staff Stories: scenes from a diverse community" an engaging, often humorous and always insightful look at how diversity and inclusion plays itself out within the staff of major universities. Created specifically for our University of Waterloo staff conference, this program features professional actors performing custom-written scenes about life as a member of staff of a fictional - yet highly realistic - Canadian university called Center University. After the performance of the scenes, Writer/Producer/Director Gregg Ward facilitates a dialogue with the audience on all of the diversity and inclusion issues that cropped up. Then, the actors return to the stage "in character" for the celebrated Interactive Session in which they respond directly to audience comments and questions. This energetic, upbeat and informative program promises to be a highlight of the conference.

Gregg Ward is the President and co-founder of the first and oldest training firm specializing in the use of live theatre, interactive facilitation and experiential learning as workplace training tools. Gregg ward is also an Adjunct professor of diversity at San Diego State University and Cal State San Marcos. He has taught seminars and programs at Harvard University, NYU, The City University of New York, The New School University for Social Research, and Boston University. His current book Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations will be available through the University of Waterloo Bookstore.

Orlando-Ward & Associates are the acknowledged North American experts in the use of live professional theater, interactive facilitation and experiential learning as training tools on diversity and inclusion. Their clients include global corporations, government agencies, non-profits and major universities including Boston University, Cornell, DePauw University, and the entire University of California system.

Sean Aiken | Talkin' About My Generation

Sean Aiken provides a Gen-Y perspective on the things in a job and work environment that are important to younger workers: How to attract, retain, train, motivate and fully engage them in the workplace. The generational divide is often seen as a sharp contrast between older generations, that often do a lot of the hiring and supervising, and the younger workers who feel misunderstood and frustrated with the working experience. After experiencing 52 different bosses and being exposed to 52 different work environments, Aiken shares what he learned and helps bridge this apparent divide.


Image of Sean AikenSean Aiken graduated from Capilano College with a degree in Business Administration in 2005. At the top of his class, with a 4.0 cumulative GPA, he was voted the class valedictorian. After graduation, Sean Aiken struggled to answer the question, "What should I do with my life?" Instead of taking the first job that came along, he found a unique way of figuring it out: The One-Week Job Project. He traveled anywhere he was offered a job, working 52 jobs in one year. All his wages were donated to charity.

After the launch of his project, the offers began pouring in, as did media attention, from The New York Times to Rachel Ray. His first gig was literally jumping off a bridge, as a bungee operator. From there he reinvented himself as a firefighter, an aquarium host, an advertising executive, a radio DJ, a martial arts instructor, an NHL mascot, a snowshoe guide, even a mayor. During the course of his seven-day stints, from a cattle ranch in the wilds of Wyoming to a real estate office in Beverly Hills, Aiken found time to make new friends and even fall in love. Throughout the year, he continued to ask himself and others about the nature of success and the real meaning of happiness -- all while having the adventure of his life.

Marc Keilburger | Me To We: Inspiring Employees to Find Meaning in a Material World

How can you find purpose in the workplace? How does a company inspire their employees to find meaning in the mundane? This speech will be an introduction to the powerful Me to We philosophy, developed by Craig and Marc Kielburger through more than a decade of humanitarian work, with a specific emphasis on how to apply this philosophy within the corporate community. Learn to highlight the work your department or office is already doing, thank your employees and customers for their contributions to the units ’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and celebrate your incredible achievements. Help connect employees with your greater corporate mission and that of the world.Learn how consistent corporate social responsibility and employee volunteering can boost team morale and teamwork and results in a happier, more productive and engaged workplace.


Marc Image of Marc KeilburgerKielburger is one of the world's leading figures in corporate social responsibility, social activism and youth empowerment. A Harvard and Oxford graduate, Rhodes Scholar, speaker, columnist and international bestselling author, Marc Kielburger is the co-founder of Free the Children and Me to We.

Marc is also the co-author of the national bestsellers Take Action! A Guide to Active Citizenship; Take More Action; the New York Times Best Seller, Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World and, most recently, The World Needs Your Kid, which includes a forward by the Dalai Lama. In addition, Marc Kielburger along with his brother Craig, is a syndicated columnist carried by the Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post and Canada's most widely-read women's magazine, Canadian Living.

Marc graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, completing a degree in International Relations. He won a coveted Rhodes Scholarship and went on to complete a law degree at Oxford University with an emphasis on human rights law. Marc has also received four honorary doctorates for his work in the field of education and human rights