Part of the Business Communications Series

Your clients and colleagues know that you mean what you say, so you need to be sure that you say (and write) what you mean. These two half-day workshop will help you recognize-and avoid-some of the most common mistakes in writing that can confuse your message and your reader. Workshop topics will include:

  • Guerrilla Grammar's Fab Five: the five most common 'boo-boos' in writing
  • the power of punctuation: comma trauma and other points
  • getting it right: tips and techniques for effective proofreading

The workshop will include lots of real-life examples, opportunities for practice, and helpful handouts. Guerrilla Grammar: grammar that's understandable and useful. And fun. Really! 

Note: This course occurs over two days.

Facilitated by Ron Champion, The Business of Writing

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Note:  Employees of the Affiliated and Federated Institutions will be charged $50 to attend any of these courses. Casual employees, typically, cannot enroll in OHD courses. 

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