Our principles and values establish our expectations for how we behave as a University community, both as individuals and as an institution. This session will describe the culture that all members of our campus community aspire to embrace and uphold by exploring the guiding principles, values, structures, and policies that improves the effectiveness and creates a sense of identity and belonging for all.

This program includes three components: 

  • Self-Directed Learning (30-45min)
  • Virtually Facilitated Workshop (90min) 
  • Post-Session Goal and Feedback (15min) 

You will receive an email with access to the required self-directed learning one week prior to the date of the Virtually Facilitated Workshop.

The workshop will build upon the pre-learning with opportunities to have topic discussions with other participants.

This is one of four newly designed Core Development Program sessions offered by Organizational and Human Development (OHD) to support your understanding of the university’s culture and values, along with resources available to enhance your experience and engagement. The goal of the Core Development Program is to help you feel successful and knowledgeable in your role, department, and in the University of Waterloo community

For information on how to register, please review the quick course registration guide. 

Note: There are currently no costs associated with taking OHD Courses.  Casual employees, typically, cannot enroll in OHD courses. 

Please contact ohd@uwaterloo.ca if you have questions about this matter.

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