Technology Workshops

Information Systems and Technology (IST) offers the Skills for the Electronic Workplace (SEW), training programs specifically designed for various groups of the campus community.  Your completion of the training will be tracked on your MyHRinfo training record.

Note: These courses are maintained and operated by IST. For questions about these workshops, registration, or upcoming sessions, please contact IST-SEW.

To register for the SEW workshops:

  • Registration for these workshops takes place through myHRinfo.
  • Login To myHRinfo, using your WatIam User ID and password. 
  • In the Main Menu, first select Self Serve and then Learning and Development. Next, click Request Training Enrolment. (Note: You can return to the main menu by using the drop-down menu bar at the top of the screen.)
  • You can search by course name, or course numbers.  If you don’t know the name of the course, select Search by Course Number. Type SEW in the Course Number area to review all courses offered by SEW.  Training workshops offered through IST's Skills for the Electronic Workplace program have the courses identified by the prefix “SEW”.   
  • You will see the workshops offered in a list. To view all the current workshops offered, simply click the Session Availability title to sort by availability. Next, select the training opportunity you wish to explore.  
  • Course descriptions can be reviewed by selecting the Information Icon. Information icon
  • Click on View Available Sessions. At this step, you can view the numbers of sessions for a particular workshop (Note: only one session may be offered), and the open seats available in a particular session.
  • To view the dates and times of the workshop sessions, simply select the session number in the list to view the details.   
  • Click Continue to submit your training request. Next click Submit at the bottom of the page to complete your registration.
  • You will receive e-mail confirmation of your registration within minutes.    

How to cancel your registration

  • To cancel your registration, simply reply to your original registration confirmation informing us that you cannot attend.
  • If you no longer have this e-mail, please contact IST-SEW with your course information to cancel your registration. You will receive a cancelation confirmation via e-mail. Please read our policies regarding cancellation.


Web-Based Training

Information Systems & Technology (IST) subscribes to online training programs through:

University of Waterloo faculty, staff and graduate students can now access web based training from using their WatIAM credentials.



To cancel your registration, simply reply to your original registration confirmation informing us that you cannot attend.
If you no longer have this e-mail, please contact IST-SEW with your course information to cancel your registration. You will receive a cancelation confirmation via e-mail.


Need Basic Computer Training? 

There are several off-campus community-based programs that you can explore: