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Orientation planning process

students take a selfie with king warrior during orientation

Fall Orientation is Sunday, September 3 to Saturday, September 9 with classes starting September 7. 

This program is for all incoming students (first yearexchange/study abroadtransfer and graduate students). Registration will open later in the term - please check back soon!

In October 2015, the University of Waterloo Senate approved a three-year pilot run of a fall reading break, to be introduced in the 2016-2017 academic year. This change has provided the opportunity for the Orientation Working Group to re-vision Orientation 2016 to best meet the needs of Waterloo students. To do so, the committee is working with students, faculty, staff and campus partners to create an Orientation program that:

  • Is developed collaboratively with broad consultation with students, staff, faculty and campus partners;
  • Reflects the mission of Orientation and also considers this Orientation as a piece of a larger student transition process;
  • Is based on best practices, research, and understanding of successful first-year Orientation experiences;
  • Ensures a continued positive student leadership opportunity for upper-year students; and
  • Works from the best elements of previous Orientations, while leveraging this opportunity to develop a program that responds to the current needs of the campus community.