Information & Policies

General Information

  1. The authority for these regulations is vested in the Board of Governors of the University of Waterloo by virtue of the University of Waterloo Act of the Province of Ontario. The Board of Governors has delegated its responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of these regulations to the President who has directed that the Director of Police and Parking Services be fully empowered to discharge this responsibility.
  2. The University of Waterloo has no legal or contractual obligation to provide parking accommodation and assumes no responsibility for any damage to a motor vehicle or any loss of the vehicle or its contents while it is driven or parked on campus.
  3. The University of Waterloo is private property and the university reserves the right to control vehicular traffic on the campus and to prohibit access to any vehicle.
  4. The university reserves the right to set or amend parking fees as circumstances dictate.
  5. All roadways on the University of Waterloo are consider fire routes and are strictly enforced according to City of Waterloo By-Law 78-34(6).
  6. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for making themselves aware of the regulations pertaining to the operation and parking of vehicles at university of Waterloo. The university will endeavour to keep a current copy of the parking regulations available on their website.
  7. The persons to whom permit decals or hang tags are issued will be held responsible for traffic and parking violations regardless of the actual driver of the vehicle. When vehicles are sold, traded or otherwise disposed of, it is important to remove decals or hang tags and to notify Parking Services.
  8. Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Regulations, the University of Waterloo reserves the right to remove from the campus: abandoned vehicles; vehicles found without a valid parking decal or hang tag; vehicles with an unauthorized or altered parking decal or hang tag; vehicles without valid license plates; vehicles for which parking fees have not been paid; vehicles parked in a fire route and vehicles parked in disabled spaces without displaying valid Ministry and University of Waterloo permits. Vehicle owners shall be responsible for all costs involved in the removal, impounding and storage of such vehicles and all fines imposed for infractions of the University’s Traffic and Parking Regulations.
  9. On campus parking facilities, and those off campus facilities on properties belonging to, or being used by, the University of Waterloo will be supervised by Parking Services according to the terms or other conditions pertaining to their use as determined by the university.
    • Parking Regulations and fees are in effect 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    • Suspension of the privilege of parking on campus is deemed to be the ultimate deterrent in these Regulations. The privilege of parking on campus will be rescinded for: failure to pay parking fees; failure to pay fines; failure to have valid insurance in force; and other contraventions of the Traffic and Parking Regulations.
    • Where a suspension of parking privileges on campus is applied to any person for contravention of the Regulations, the Director of Custodial, Grounds and Parking Services shall forthwith provide written notice to such person of the reasons for the terms of the suspension, either by mail or personally.
    • A suspension applied for failure to pay all outstanding fines, or for not having a valid insurance in force, shall remain in effect until the fines are paid, or the owner of the vehicle produces proof that the vehicle is covered by a valid policy of insurance. Except for terms of the above clause, suspensions of parking privileges on campus shall not exceed a period of more then sixty (60) days.
  10. Parking arrangements for special events must be made with Parking Services well in advance of events and current parking rates will be assessed.
  11. Parking permits will not be issued to accounts with outstanding balances.  All tickets must be paid in full prior to a permit being issued.
  12. These regulations as promulgated by the President supersede all previous regulations and may be amended at appropriate intervals by the President on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee.