Guidelines for alternate parking arrangements

Our mission at University of Waterloo is to ensure adequate accessible parking, when possible, for those who are in need of accommodation.

Parking on the University of Waterloo campus is limited to approximately 100 provincially licensed accessible parking spaces.  Each year Parking Services, in collaboration with Occupational Health, accommodate approximately 350 staff/faculty beyond the Ministry-regulated spaces. This guideline has been established to assist with navigating the process of obtaining alternative campus parking arrangements for persons with disabilities or temporary medical conditions. Therefore, requests for temporary parking accommodations, will be reviewed each term.

Ministry of Transportation Permit/Permanent Accommodation

Persons with the Provincial Decals can connect with Parking Services who will take copies of both the front and back of the permit.  Once this is done  you will then purchase a university medical permit to accompany your Ministry permit.  You must pay for parking.  Simply displaying your Ministry permit will result in a “fail to display” ticket.  At this time Parking Services will guide you as to the closest accessible space to your work area.  Accessible spaces are always on a “first come/first served” basis and you are not guaranteed a space in one particular area.  If the area you normally park in is full you must move to the next available accessible space.  A complete list of accessible parking locations on campus is available using the campus map.

Temporary Accommodations

If you require a temporary accommodation, you will be required to complete the Temporary Parking Accommodation Form found on this page or in the Parking Services office.  This form must be completed by your care provider and sent to Occupational Health at  The medical information will be vetted by the Occ Health team and a recommendation for temporary accommodations will be forwarded to Parking.   Please note that accommodations of 4 months or longer will require a Ministry of Transportation permit. 

Student Accommodations

Students requiring accommodated parking should connect with the AccessAbility Office on the first floor of Needles Hall Students: AccessAbility Services, General ext. 35082

All student requests are handled through this office.

Please note that the above process has been established to co-ordinate access to parking on campus for all users while being mindful of requests for accessible parking required on a temporary or permanent basis.

Temporary Parking Accommodation Form.pdf