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Guidelines for alternate parking arrangements

Our mission at University of Waterloo is to ensure adequate accessible parking, when possible, for those who are in need of accommodation.

Parking on the University of Waterloo campus is limited. This guideline has been established to assist with the process of determining alternative campus parking arrangements for persons with disabilities or temporary medical conditions. Therefore requests for temporary parking accommodations will be reviewed each term.

  • Persons with the Provincial Decals issued by the Ministry of Transportation are permitted to park in designated accessible spots; however, these persons will also continue to require a parking decal issued by Parking Services indicating the assigned location. A complete list of accessible parking locations on campus is available using the campus map.

Please remember, all staff, faculty and students are required to apply and pay for parking on campus. All individuals must contact Parking Services to arrange parking. All persons requiring accessible parking should contact either:

  • Students: AccessAbility Services, General ext. 35082
  • Staff/Faculty: Occupational Health, Linda Brogden: ext.36264

The Process:

  1. Request is made for alternative parking arrangements to Parking Services, Human Resources, AccessAbility Service or Health Services
  2. Referral to Occupational Health (staff/faculty) or AccessAbility Services (students) to determine outcome.
  3. AccessAbility Services Advisor or Occupational Health Nurse in Health Services meets with individual to triage request and determine appropriate accommodation to meet the needs of individual while considering availability of parking on campus
  4. Medical documentation is gathered and reviewed, (preferably during first meeting) and consultation with clinicians providing medical notes if needed.  Confidentiality of medical information is maintained both at Health Services and AccessAbility Services.
  5. Collaboration with Parking Services and recommendations for parking on campus is provided, with consideration for other alternatives such as access to Mobility Plus Parallel Transit System, United Taxi and pick-up drop-off from family members or significant others.
  6. Alternate parking arrangements are approved.  The individual returns to Parking Services to pick up parking decal specifying locations permitted to park on campus.
  7. Persons holding Ministry of Transport permits will be asked to photocopy and deliver to the appropriate office annually in August.  Persons requiring short term accommodation will be instructed at the time of request what is needed and how often.
  8. If you have questions about your eligibility for parking accommodation, please contact:
    • Students:  AccessAbility Services, General Ext. 35082
    • Staff/Faculty:  Occupational Health, Linda Brogden: extension 36264

Please note that the above process has been established to co-ordinate access to parking on campus for all users while being mindful of requests for accessible parking required on a temporary or permanent basis.