2017 Annual Report

Partners for Action (P4A) is pleased to share our research, communication, and partnership highlights with the release of our 2017 Annual Report. Our work over the past year is bringing us that much closer to our goal of advancing flood resiliency across the country. 

2017 Highlights

  • P4A released “Canadian Voices on Changing Flood Risk: Findings from a National Survey”. The report demonstrates that although the risk of floods may be on the rise, risk awareness of homeowners is lacking. 
  • P4A interviewed 12 First Nation community representatives for a report to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada that highlighted what communities throughout the country were doing to assess flood risks, and what resources were required to help understand the potential impacts of climate change on their communities and way of life. 
  • P4A participated in a project funded by the Canadian Water Network which incorporated climate change scenarios in flood risk modeling for a Canadian municipality.
  • P4A initiated research into the economic benefits of flood adaptation for communities in Alberta. This work will get underway in 2018.
  • RAIN Ready Neighbourhoods — we continued our partnership with REEP Green Solutions, the City of Kitchener and Green Communities Canada to help transform local neighbourhoods to be more beautiful, flood-resistant, and sustainable. 

Forecasting The Year Ahead 

Our 2017-2018 projects and programs focus on furthering our goals, including: 

  • Implementing a national flood risk awareness program: Discover what motivates Canadians to protect their homes and develop messages and approaches to drive action to reduce flood risk.
  • Undertaking a study of the benefits of flood mitigation efforts in an Alberta community in reducing future recovery costs, but also insurance premium costs for residents. 
  • Creating a framework for municipalities looking to effectively engage homeowners towards installing and maintaining green infrastructure (rain gardens, permeable pavement, etc.) to manage rainfall at the property level. 
  • Hosting workshops and webinars with our stakeholders to share what’s working towards making our communities flood resilient. 

Our 2017 Annual Report highlights who we are, where we've been, and where we're headed. Please read and share!

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