FSC logoPartners for Action is taking action to better educate and prepare Canadians for floods with our website: FloodSmartCanada.ca. FloodSmartCanada.ca was launched in the fall of 2016 with its primary goal of helping Canadians prepare for floods and the associated risks.

FloodSmartCanada.ca is a national website designed to educate community members, organizations, businesses and municipalities about floods. The website provides a hub of information related to floods, flood risks, and emergency preparedness.

We have been working hard to compile the most relevant and useful information developed by Canadian organizations, governments, businesses, and research groups. Providing an easy to navigate and user-friendly website, FloodSmartCanada.ca makes understanding floods and how to prepare for floods easy!

Our climate is changing, and so is our flood risk. We want to empower communities to talk to their neighbours about these risks and to take action to flood-proof their homes in order to reduce damage and cleanup time. We believe that stronger, more resilient communities are better for everyone! With numerous resources related to floods, FloodSmartCanada.ca is here to support you and your fellow Canadians.

Visit FloodSmartCanada.ca today to learn more!