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2017-2018 Strategic Plan

Where are we heading?

Our vision is a risk-aware Canada where homeowners take responsibility for protecting themselves and recovering from flood, and decision-makers consider flood risk in planning and preparing our communities.  

Our mandate is to facilitate increased risk awareness towards improved decision making to reduce risk. We fulfill our mandate through the following methods:

  • Facilitating collaboration between the research community, all levels of government, businesses, and non-governmental organizations towards improving flood resiliency in Canadian communities;
  • Identifying innovative, practical research tied directly to flood resiliency in Canada, and building and leveraging relationships towards such research;
  • Sharing results and best practices, including measurable activities to reduce risk of flood in Canadian communities; and,
  • Informing Canadians about their flood risk, actions they can undertake to reduce risk, and opportunities to transfer risk.

Our goals are to help Canadian residents and decision-makers:

  1. Understand the risk of flood to their communities
    • flood and risk mapping
    • vulnerability assessment
  2. Have access to tools
    • policies, plans and procedures
    • cost-benefit of action versus inaction
    • lot-level personal actions
    • incentives and insurance
  3. Become more flood resilient