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The Willowgrove Dream Weavers Discovery Launch

The Willowgrove Dream Weavers Culture Change Committee hosted a Discovery launch at Chartwell's Willowgrove Long-term care home on July 8th.

Staff Discovery at Yee Hong

The Yee Hong Culture Change Coalition had a busy meeting reading through all of the staff Discovery data. Great appreciative feedback was received. They also met with the recreational therapists to try to gain an understanding of how best to involve the residents in Discovery, they had some great ideas. More to come on this...

Discovering 'the best of what is' from staff at Yee Hong!

Today marks the start of an exciting part of the Discovery phase of the Culture Change process at Yee Hong - Markham.

Multi-lingual volunteers from Yee Hong will begin interviewing staff members at Yee Hong to Discover 'the best of what is' at this Long Term Care home in Markham, Ontario.  Most of the staff at Yee Hong are native Chinese speakers, so volunteers fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and even a Hakka speaker are on hand to confidentially learn from staff members. 

Dreaming at Yee Hong: Inclusion and Diversity in collecting stories.

At the July meeting of the Yee Hong Culture Change coalition, the group put the final touches on an interview and survey guide for staff at the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric care in Markham.

The group has been working for months on identifying who they would like to target, and how, in order to gather positive stories about what works best at Yee Hong and to build on these strengths to improve dementia care for everyone involved. 

Designing for inclusion- and diversity

Yee Hong Culture Change Coalition- Spring-ing into Discovery!

In the past two months, the Yee Hong Culture Change Coalition has been working hard and moving out of the first phase of the Appreciative Inquiry process, Dawning, and making plans for the second phase, Discovery.

15th Huron County Culture Change Coalition (CCC) Meeting

What an amazing meeting!

We only had a few members at our meeting today, but we certainly made the most of it.

14th Huron County Culture Change Coalition (CCC) Meeting

This was a big meeting. All of our Discovery recruitment materials are ready to be distributed and we are planning to begin our Discovery interviews and sessions within the next few weeks.

At this meeting, we prepared for Discovery by sharing tips and strategies for leading successful interviews/focus groups and keeping discussions positive and appreciative. We decided to skip our May meeting since we are all busy with Discovery, and we will meet back in June to debrief.

13th Huron County Culture Change Coalition (CCC)

Having finalized Discovery plans, we move into developing a itemized ‘to-do’ list of where we are headed next. We determined our pool of possible participants is approximately 150 persons with dementia and family care partners, and 120 staff from multiple agencies within the Huron County. We are finally seeing how our work might translate into real action.

12th Huron County Culture Change Coalition (CCC) meeting

Happy Anniversary! The Huron County CCC has been meeting for one year now.
As our Discovery planning is become more finalized and ‘real’, we feel we are making progress and are finally working towards something tangible. As the members say, we can “see a light at the end of the tunnel”.

11th Huron County Culture Change Coalition (CCC) Meeting

Happy New Year!

Our icebreaker this week encouraged us to make appreciative resolutions - things we want to continue or learn from. We all realised that creating a work life balance is of utmost importance. Actually, we ended up revising our Discovery questions (again) based on this discussion.


For more information on any of the PiDC Alliance initiatives, contact Sian Lockwood, Knowledge Translation Specialist.

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