One question that prospective students ask when looking to PACS is "what job will I get?" or "why should I study PACS?". PACS offers students an interdisciplinary Arts degree. In a world so seemingly dominant by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, it can feel as though enrolling in an Arts degree is setting yourself up to fail. While it cannot be disputed that STEM fields are important, that is not to say that Arts degrees are purposeless. Skills that are learned in Arts cannot become outdated, and will equip students for long-term career development and personal development.

“Arts education is extremely valuable. The best programs develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, along with intellectual curiousity, creativity, and amazing work ethic”

An Arts based education allows for students to become expansive thinkers, become comfortable in more than one field and can make them invaluable members for projects in all fields, STEM or otherwise.

“The arts and humanities promote an education that does not assume its students occupy a fixed place in society.”

The ability to evaluate what is just, what is fair, and what is inherently good is nurtured in arts and humanities disciplines. Multifaceted problems faced in our society (climate change, poverty, inequality to name a few) can’t be solved in a single domain. Arts does not encourage a textbook result, but instead fosters a students growth of the intellectual capacity to attack those issues and ask the questions that matter.

“We believe that the world’s thorniest problems will not be solved—nor will our nation be secure—without an understanding of ethics, cultures other than our own, and what it means to be fully human.”

When it comes down to it, students are going to excel in the classes that they enjoy most. When students are put in environments that they are comfortable in and passionate about they thrive. It is that which will lead to enhancing career options, and arts degrees rarely lead to careers specifically just in the arts domain. Learn about powerful people in our society today who got their Arts degree:

  • Starbucks CEO: B. S. in Communications
  • Former AVON CEO: B. A. in English Literature
  • Former Walt Disney Company CEO: B.A. in English Literature and Theatre
  • HBO CEO: B. A. in Government
  • Former Hewlett-Packard CEO: B.A. in Medieval History and Philosophy
  • Youtube CEO: B.A. in History and Literature
  • Chipotle co-CEO: B.A. in Art History

Don't just take it from us! Learn more about the value of an Arts education:

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