Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) courses

PACS students studying togetherDescriptions of all PACS courses can be found in the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar.

There are three foundation 200-level PACS courses that are required for all PACS academic plans. These required courses give you the foundational understanding to better engage in the upper-level PACS courses. All students interested in pursuing a PACS academic plan are encouraged to take at least one of them to get a feel for the program and begin working towards degree requirements. 

  • PACS 201 - Roots of Conflict, Violence and Peace
  • PACS 202 - Conflict Resolution
  • PACS 203 - A History of Peace Movements

In addition to the foundation courses, there is a wide range of offerings of PACS Core courses. These courses cover a wide range of topics within the area of peace and conflict. The descriptions of all PACS Core course offerings can be found on the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Calendar

To give more details and context, all PACS Core course syllabi are located on our website.

Peace and Conflict Studies approved courses

PACS partners with 9 departments at the University of Waterloo, and offers courses from an additional 9 departments, allowing students to choose from over 120 PACS approved courses to count for credit towards your academic plan. These courses are built into all PACS academic plans to recognize the interdisciplinary and broad nature of studying and promoting peace. The number of approved courses that are required depends on your academic plan.

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