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The University of Waterloo Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar is the final authority for Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) plans and courses in the Faculty of Arts.

Degree requirements

Peace and Conflict Studies is part of Waterloo's Faculty of Arts.student in class For overall degree information please visit the the University of Waterloo's Bachelor of Arts degree requirements.

To help students understand their academic plan here are worksheets to help organise your studies.

These worksheets are for PACS academic plans after 2016. If you declared your major during or after Fall 2016, your PACS requirements will be reflected in these worksheets. For previous academic plans, contact the PACS Advisor.

All students enrolled in a PACS major must satisfy the University of Waterloo's Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. In addition, students take the specified number of PACS courses for their plan, as well as the specified number of PACS approved courses. Please be sure to verify which academic calendar you are following for your degree requirements.

PACS streams

studentAs of Fall 2016, Students enrolled in Honours PACS, Arts & Business with PACS, Joint Honours with PACS, or four-year General PACS will be required to take 3 out of 12 core courses.

The 12 core courses that students are required to take 3 of are…

  • PACS 311 - “Doing Development: Issues of Justice and Peace”
  • PACS 313 - “Community Conflict Resolution”
  • PACS 316 - “Violence, Nonviolence and War”
  • PACS 318 - “Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Civil Society”
  • PACS 321 - “Gender in War and Peace”
  • PACS 323 - “Negotiation in Theory and Practice”
  • PACS 324 - “Human Rights, Peace and Business”
  • PACS 326 - “Religion and Peacebuilding”
  • PACS 327 - “Cultural Approaches to Conflict Resolution”
  • PACS 329 - “Restorative Justice”
  • PACS 331 - “Trauma, Healing and Conflict Resolution”
  • PACS 332 - “Ethics of Peacebuilding”

    These required courses are intended to encourage students to pursue a specific area or stream of study within PACS.

    The outline of these streams is below and students are encouraged to focus their course selection to follow a stream within the broader field of PACS.

    Stream Courses
    Development, Human Rights and Social Justice

    PACS 310 - Peace and the Environment

    PACS 311 - Doing Development: Issues of Justice and Peace

    PACS 315 - Engineering and Peace

    PACS 318 - Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Civil Society

    PACS 321 - Gender in War and Peace

    PACS 324 - Human Rights, Peace and Business

    PACS 328 - Fair Trade

    PACS 332 - Ethics of Peace Building

    Applied Conflict Resolution

    PACS 313 - Community Conflict Resolution

    PACS 314 - Conflict Resolution in the Schools

    PACS 323 - Negotiation in Theory and Practice

    PACS 329 - Restorative Justice

    PACS 331 - Trauma and Healing and Conflict Resolution

    PACS 333 - Advanced Mediation Practice

    PACS 391 - Conflict Resolution skills training Workshops

    PACS 390 - Internship

    Violence and Non-Violence

    PACS 316 - Violence, Nonviolence and War

    PACS 320 - Christian Approaches to Peacemaking

    PACS 321 - Gender in war and Peace

    PACS 330 - War and Peace in Christian Theology

    Religion and Culture

    PACS 312 - Quest for Peace in Literature and Film

    PACS 320 - Christian Approaches to Peacemaking

    PACS 326 - Religion and Peacemaking

    PACS 327 - Cultural Approaches to Conflict Resolution

    PACS 330 - War and Peace in Christian Theology

    Degree requirements | PACS streams